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Does Being a Photographer Suck?

I recently read a blog entry on 10 Reasons Why Being a Photographer Sucks.

I would have to agree with most of the points. But I also feel that if you want to be a photographer, most of these 10 reasons can be overcome.

One of the reasons is Post Production Sucks. But in a way this is where the creativity is achieved. If you think it sucks then you probably didn’t get the shot. Yes you could spend hours cleaning up minor details, but that also may be going to far. I am still in the very beginning stages of learning to do things in Post Production, but so far I have discovered that in general the biggest problem is picking the shots to work with and that those only need some minor corrections. AT least that’s my opinion, whether others think that is another one.

Being a photographer is as much as anything a passion. And either you enjoy it or you don’t. If you don’t it’s probably not the profession you should choose. As the old saying goes, if you enjoy your job, you will never feel as if you worked a day in your life.

Another Photography Blog

When looking on the Internet it seems that every photographer has a photography blog. And I’m not different. In fact you could say I have two of them. This one and the one on, where I am going to place photographs that I take throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.

What will I be posting on here?

Even though I rarely do any teaching, I have always felt I could be. I like to take complicated technology and try to put it in every day terms. So I am thinking of taking the things that I learn and put them here to share with whoever wants to read it.

So I suppose that this is just another photography blog.

Victory and Defeat

I am a bit behind on my Photo a Week series.

KCHS Girls Basketball Team Celebrating their 2013 MD 1A East Region Semi-final win against Snow Hill High
This was taken at the end of the MD East Regional Semi-Finals. The Kent County High girls are celebrating their win against Snow Hill. It was one of those close games that even though you were rooting for one team you felt sorry that the other team had to go home in defeat.

KCHS GBB 2-27-13 IMGP0575
In contrast here are the Snow Hill Girls.

More photos from the game can be seen on my Flickr account

Art or Photography?

Recently I came across a Web page showing pictures of adults Photoshopped to look like toddlers.

See –

Which brings me to ask the question is this photography?

I suppose it depends on how one looks at it. In my opinion it’s not. To me the photograph is what you see through the lens of you camera and what appears on the sensor (or film) to make a pictures. Sure it’s alright to make a few chances, such as cleaning blemishes, cropping the image and even removing some distractions, such as telephone/electric lines. But when one does major changes like these, I don’t think of it as photography.

To me it is Art. One that take the original photograph and manipulate it as one desires. Pretty much the same thing as an artist taking some steel or rock and turning it into a sculpture. That steel or rock is no longer just steel or rock, but now a piece of art. The same goes for these images, which are no longer photographs but pieces of art.