Art or Photography?

Recently I came across a Web page showing pictures of adults Photoshopped to look like toddlers.

See –

Which brings me to ask the question is this photography?

I suppose it depends on how one looks at it. In my opinion it’s not. To me the photograph is what you see through the lens of you camera and what appears on the sensor (or film) to make a pictures. Sure it’s alright to make a few chances, such as cleaning blemishes, cropping the image and even removing some distractions, such as telephone/electric lines. But when one does major changes like these, I don’t think of it as photography.

To me it is Art. One that take the original photograph and manipulate it as one desires. Pretty much the same thing as an artist taking some steel or rock and turning it into a sculpture. That steel or rock is no longer just steel or rock, but now a piece of art. The same goes for these images, which are no longer photographs but pieces of art.

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