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The Body Beautiful

In recent months I have been thinking about doing a series of Photographs using the subject line “Tasteful Naturally”. The concept would be to take the ordinary woman of any age and size and take pictures of them in a natural (nude or semi-nude) but tasteful pose.

This morning on the Today Show they did an interview with Jes Baker. Jes is the blogger ( that wrote an open letter to Mike Jefferies, the CEO of Abercombie & Fitch, criticizing his, and the stores, views regarding Plus Size Women. Jes Baker is a size 22 and with few exceptions none of the clothes at A&F would fit her.

On the blog posing of her letter to Jefferies are a number of pictures she and a model posed in depicting sexually provocative shots. ( These are perfect example of the type of poses I had in mind for my series.

Other similar shot are at

Jes, I want to thank you for coming out and bringing attention to the subject that one doesn’t have to be a size 0 model to be able to pose for sexy shots and most importantly to bring out into the open a conversation that real woman have curves.

It has also encouraged me to move along with my idea of ‘Tasteful Naturally’.

Red Barn with White Silos

Red Leaves Coming

Kitty Knight House in Georgetown, Maryland

Photo: Kitty Knight House, Georgetown, MD.  by Steven G. Atkinson
Kitty Knight House, Georgetown, MD. Photo by Steven G. Atkinson

A Slide show of photos from the “Legend of Kitty Knight” re-enactment on May 5, 2013 in Georgetown, MD can be seen at