Jobs for Photographers

One thing I know for sure, as long as I am publishing my Web sites, I will have a job as a photographer.

The Chicago Sun Times has just laid off all of their full time photographers, who I would also term as photojournalist. Apparently they are moving in the direction that their journalist armed with iphone can do both the reporting as well as taking photographs.

Will this work? It may but let me relate a personal experience.

I live in a small county and as one person publish information on what’s happening locally in my area. Most of what I publish deals with upcoming recreational and entertainment activities. However, I do attend events and cover them mostly as a photojournalist. I am often there with the local print reporter who also happen to have a camera to take pictures as needed. Often I have been standing beside her and something happens while she is taking notes and I had the camera up to my eye waiting to take a shot. Shots that I have gotten shots that she missed.

My thoughts are what will really happen is the the Chicago Sun Times will still be paying for photographs taken by photographers. It’ll only be now done via one photograph at a time, instead of having the photographers on the payroll. Some of the photographs may come from their former employees. Others from freelance professional photojournalist. And even other just from people on the scene who happen to have a camera.

Now that everyone is walking around with some type of camera, who doesn’t have a cellphone with a camera in it, the professional photographer has changed and will have to adapt. I don’t think that being a professional photographer is a dying breed, just one that has to think of other ways to market themselves.

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