What Do Photographers Do?

On the surface the question “What do photographers do?” seems like a dumb question. One that could be asked with the question “Don’t photographers take pictures?”

Yes they do.

But is that all?

Some photographers will spend a lot of time working with the subject, adjusting light, position and making camera adjustments trying to get the perfect picture ‘in the camera’. They do very little post production work with software programs such as Light Room, Photoshop and others.

Other photographers will take a picture and then spend hours with the software program working with the picture until it’s what they think is perfect. Sometimes even to the point that the photograph has little resemblance to what was actually shot.

In short there are all sort of photographers and all pretty much do what they want to do. That is unless they are being taught by a photographer and trying to emulate what that person view as being the right things to do and the right way of doing it. I wonder if this isn’t the old adage ‘those that can do, those that can’t teach’.

Some photographers just want to go out and take pictures of things that they see. Call these the amateur photographers, but I’m sure that may experience and professional photographers do this too. In a way isn’t that what photojournalist or event photographers are doing.

There are those who mostly see themselves as artists. The camera and digital image is just the tool and the beginning of their artistic masterpiece, similar to a painter with a paint brush, paints and a canvas. Some even want to take a series of similar shots.

There are those who say they are taking pictures, while others will tell you they are taking photographs. At times the difference between the two is no more than what they themselves call the final result.

So I think the at short answer to the question is, photographers do what they want to do. They follow the rules that they wish to follow. That is even if they know the rules. And break others.

For me. I like to take pictures at events and activities in a photojournalist style. Although that doesn’t preclude me to wanting to explore others area.

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