Monthly Archives: October 2014

Breaking Through

Photos Project - A Year in Photographs: Week 9 - Breaking Through by SG Atkinson -
Sometimes everything just click into place. Prefect timing on the shot, an amazing background, and the excitement of the final Home Game of the season.


Photo: A Year in Photographs Project - Real SG Atkinson,
I was meeting a potential client who was interested in me talking some portrait shots. We went to a park in Easton to take a couple of test shots and came upon this, a Sculpture of a Bird (I’m pretty sure it depicts an Osprey) feeling her young. At first look you can hardly tell that it’s not real.

Red Soccer Moon

Project - A Year in Photographs:Red Soccer Moon by SG Atkinson -
This past week was one that the majority of the photographs were of KCHS’s Sports. It was also the week of the Blood Moon. I missed getting the shot in the morning, but when the moon rose that evening it was blood red without being in an eclipse. Played with a few shots as it was rising over the Boy’s Soccer game with this being the best,

Fire Breathers

Photo by SG Atkinson - Fire Breathers
No it wasn’t time for an old time carnival, but the scene looks as if it could have come from one. During a photo meet of photographers and models at Frightland, in delaware, there was a fire breathing demonstration.