Tip: Be True to Yourself

Recently I was asked to offer a tip to other photographers. While others were giving technical tips or offering criticism on photos by others, the one thing that came to my mind was to ‘Be True to Yourself”

In my view there are three types of professional photography. I’m sure if you ask other photographers many would disagree and say that there are more. But I have taken it to what I think are the minimum and nearly all professional photographers will fit into one of these and many will fall into all three.

They are: Photojournalist, Commercial and Artistic.

Causal shots of human interest whether or not they are ever publish. This category would also include most amateur photographers and those with cameras in phones

In general commercial photography is when you are hired by someone. Some of those that fall under this heading would be Portraits, Wedding, advertising, etc. In general your photographs are commissioned by others and your goal is to please them.

When your photographs, whether out of the camera, lightly touched up or overly processed, are done with your vision without concern on how others may feel.

Coming back to my saying “Be True to Yourself”, while learning there is nothing wrong with listening to what others may say. But in my view photography in general is an imprecise science. You need to learn and understand the basics. But when taking and working with a photograph, you have to be happy with the outcome. So ‘Be True to Yourself”

This is the first in a weekly series of Photography Tips. While I am far from being an expert photographer, I am feeling that I have learned enough to pass on some of my thoughts and try to turn hard to understand concepts into words that I and others can understand.

Each Wednesday I will post a Photographic Tip I hope will help the beginner better understand photographic principles. See you next week.

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