Monthly Archives: February 2015

Snow on the Rocks

Project-A Year in Photographs:Snow on the Rocks by SG Atkinson,
I suppose I’m cheating a little bit, since this was actually taken on Monday February 16, 2015 at Ferry Beach Park in Rock Hall, Maryland. A shot looking out on the Chesapeake Bay. Similar to one of my favorite shots of 2014 which showed Ice on the same rocks.

It was around 9:30 in the morning and the temperature was still in the teens. I had driven around 14 miles from home with plans to get a few shots of the bay from Rock Hall. My truck had a bit of trouble starting. When I hopped into it to go to my next location, the battery failed to start the truck. Fortunately I have friends in the area and was able to get a jump.

Needless to say I decided to cancel the rest of my plans and headed back home.

A Winter’s Full Moon

Project-A Year in Photographs:Winter's Full Moon by SG Atkinson,
When the February’s Moon was seen during the days leading up to the Full Moon and the days afterward, it was a wondrous sight. Fortunately during the early morning hours of the Full Moon I was able to get this shot.

Tip: Nikon or Canon

I have seen a number of discussion asking which is a better camera, Nikon or Canon. This question in reality is similar to which computer is better a Mac or PC.

I have answered by saying, “Canon folks will lead you to Canon, Nikon folks to Nikon. Two factors I have discovered, the glass is more important than the camera and the most important is to learn your camera.”

There are a lot of factors involved in choosing a camera. Which is right for you only depends on you.

I’m the odd man out since I shoot Pentax. I also use a Mac as my computer

Chamber Awards

Project-A Year in Photographs:Chamber Awards by SG Atkinson,
There’s really nothing special about this photo, other than it was taken during a special event. The Kent County Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards Gala. The photo is a wide view of the stage, with the President and Executive Director of the Chamber, The Awards, and Chamber Sponsors.

I believe that being a member of the Chamber of Commerce and assisting them in their mission is one of the important things I can do as a business owner. I have been a member for over 10 years and was happy and proud that they asked me to photograph their annual event.