Monthly Archives: May 2015

Morgan Creek in the Morning

Project-A Year in Photographs: Morgan Creek in the Morning by SG Atkinson,
Morgan Creek in Kent County, Maryland is one of the many streams that flows into the Chester River.

Moon Rise over Church Bell

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Rising over Church by SG Atkinson,
It was the day before the full moon and I was attending a Prayer Vigil over the problems in Baltimore. When it was over I just happen to look up and catch this view and took the shot. I may still do some work on it.

Missing a few weeks

The month of April has not been a good month. It started off with celebrations. My grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday on April 8th.

The month came to a close with her death on April 19th, followed by the period of mourning and celebration of her long life.

Photo: Laura Virginia Atkinson - April 8, 1015  to April 19, 2015

Laura Virginia Atkinson
April 8, 2015 – April 19, 2015