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B&W: High Water after Sandy

Photograph by SG Atkinson: Sandy's High Water
I don’t often do much with Black and White photography. Guess it’s mostly due to my photojournalist view that real life photographs should be natural.

I was asked a while ago to do a 5 day posting challenge on Facebook doing B&W photos. I took a shot I did in 2013 of the flooding aftermath of Super Storm Sandy of the Chester River high water at Wilmer Park in Chestertown.

I’m not sure how successful I was of trying to make it appear more like a sepia photograph of an age gone.

Rainbow over the Cemetery

Photo by SG Atkinson: Rainbow over the Cemetery
It’s not often that I get to catch a rainbow and even less often to catch a full one. This one I saw as I was heading from Rock Hall to Chestertown. I knew that Wesley Chapel was just ahead (I have a few relatives buried there) and hoped that it would stay long enough to get a shot.

Rock Hall’s Beauty Contest Winners

Photo by SG Atkinson: Rock Hall Beauty
One of the features of Rock Hall’s 4th of July Weekend is their annual Miss Rock Hall Beauty Contest. This year’s winners in the annual 4th of July Parade are Miss Rock Hall Rachael Nelson, Little Miss Keyasia Newman and Junior Miss Phoebe Smith.

To see more photos from the Parade and the Annual Festival goto

Thoughts and Photographs

This is where I’ll be publishing my thoughts, although probably what you’ll see here will mainly be photographs. Photographs of works in progress, photojournalist shots or just something I shot and want to share.

If you would like a print of one of my photos and it’s not available in the store, please contact me. Thanks – SG (Steven G) Atkinson –