Artistic Portraiture

I am looking to develop a new Photography Offering that I term as an Artistic Portraiture session. Obviously we are discussing a Portrait Session, but one with a twist. One leaning more towards Fine Art than just a standard Portrait. It could be anything. A cosplay theme shot, glamour, artistic activity, or Boudoir. Any type of photo that we, I see this as a collaboration. It could be something you want to create. Or maybe even try to recreate.

How do we start?
After you contact me we begin to discuss your session. This will be done in two stages. the first through email or text. Then we will get together, generally at a public location. At our meeting we will talk about picking a date and location. Although some details may have already been decided.

We will fully collaborate on your session deciding on what to expect, what to do for preparation, what to bring, etc. To protect us both there will be a contract.

I feel that is is important for you to be comfortable with me before doing any type of portrait session. Because of that we may actually have a couple of meetings before we we do your session.

About two weeks after your session, most likely less than 10 days, we will get together again for you to view the photos that I have chosen as the “best of the best”. We will decide on what products (photo book, canvas prints, etc.) you would wish to order.

Thoughts on Boudoir:
Everyone thinks of Boudoir differently. Often it is with the thought of giving a special portrait to their significant other. And that is great. However, to me I really feel that it is a way to empower women in a way so they feel beautiful and not see themselves with the often, not true, critical eye that they see themselves. And a woman of any age should consider having one done.

Boudoir isn’t something just for the young. You can be any age. It’s not something you do to gather up the confidence to do it. It is something you do to feel amazing about yourself as you are. It’s about body postitive.

The body positive movement is about loving your body where it’s at. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, thin, fat, healthy, unhealthy, what color your skin is, or how you are shaped. EVERY PERSON is deserving of love no matter what their body looks like.

And in addition to every person deserving love, every person is worthy of expressing themselves sexually. You don’t have to have a model’s body to be sexy.

For a limited time and for the first 6-10 people, there will be no session fee.
Let”s talk, get to know one another, and create some beautiful Artistic Portraits.

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