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Journey into the Foggy Mist

Project-A Year in Photographs: Lost in the Fog by SG Atkinson,
One advantage of living in an area that is surrounded by water is that there’s always a chance to catch an unusual sight. On Tuesday June 2, 2015 an eerie type if fog was coming off of the Chester River. The ship Sultana, which does educational school trips for students had a class that morning. They left docks for their class and this is what it looked like. Much simpler than the title, but not as thought provoking. One comment I have received about this photo is it reminds them of Captain Hook’s ship from Peter Pan floating in the clouds.

Town Crier PhotoBomb

Project-A Year oin Photographs:Town Crier PhotoBomb by SG Atkinson,
Since this is the final Monday of 2014, I decided to select one of my favorite shots from 2014 for this week’s photo.

This is from the annual Chestertown Tea Party Parade during Memorial Day weekend. The Town Crier always leads the parade, followed by the Kent County Sheriff’s Honor Guard. While this shot appears as if the Town Crier photobombed the Honor Guard, and even though in a way he did, this is just a shot of the beginning of the parade. But I do like the idea of him doing a photobomb.

Dunk Excites

Photographic Project - A Year in Photographs: Dunk Excites by SG Atkinson,
Kent County High played their arch rivals Queen Anne’s High on December 16. Kent took an early lead, but was held in check for the 2nd half of the first quarter to fall behind. Close to the end of the half a dunk by Kent’s Manny Camper excited the home crowd. While it took until near the end of the game for Kent County to make a complete comeback, they did win the game.

Season’s First Snow

Project-A Year in Photographs: Season's First Snow by SG Atkinson,
The first snow of the season fell on December 11, 2014. It wasn’t much, just a small dusting that lasted only a few hours.

Someday at Christmas

Photo Project - A Year in Photographs: Someday at Christmas by SG Atkinson,
On Friday December 5 2014, in Chestertown people came together for a candlelight vigil ‘Rally for Peace’. It made me think about the song ‘Someday at Christmas’ done first by Stevie Wonder in 1968 and everyone coming together at Christmastime where “All men are equal and no men have fears”.

Santa Claus Comes to Town

Project-A Year oin Photographs: Santa Claus Comes to Town by SG Atkinson,
Santa Claus arrives twice each year in the Town of Chestertown, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Both times by Fire Truck. The first is on the Friday Night after Thanksgiving during the town’s tree lighting. And again on the next day at the end of the Annual Christmas Parade, where this photo was taken. Santa waves to the crowd along with his daughter.

Proud Coach

Photography Project-A Year in Photographs: Proud Coach by SG Atkinson,
For 42 years Dennis Herrman has been coaching Track at Kent County High School. Even though he retired in June of 2014, he decided to come back for one last year with the Cross County Team. The team had great success this season. The photo is of Coach Herrmann giving out one of his final Cross County awards during the Fall Sports Awards at Kent County High on November 20, 2014.

Thank You Coach Herrmann for your many years of teaching and coaching.

On the River Front

The Chestertown Water Front is not the ideal location for a Sunset photo. However I decided to try it on November 15th. This was the best of the evening with the ducks swimming
Photographic Project A Year in Photographs: On the River Front by SG Atkinson,

Sandy’s Flood Waters

Project - A Year in Photographs: B&W Sandy's Flood Waters - SGAtkinson,
Originally I thought this project would be for the best or favorite photo I shot during the week. But this week I decided to take a 5 day B&W challenge and reviewed some older photos to convert to B&W. See Facebook page for those 5 photos) This turned out to be the favorite of the one. The photo was originally taken in 2012 just after Super Storm Sandy. This shot was taken of the high water at the end of High Street in Chestertown.

Lone Rose

Project: A Year in Photographs - "Lone Rose" by SG Atkinson;
No much to say about this photo. Just a lone rose.