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Troy and the Kent County High School Class of ’15

Project-A Year in Photographs: Troy and the Class of 2015 by SG Atkinson,
Troy, the Trojan, is the mascot of Kent County High School. Troy is a recent addition to the school. The family of a graduate of KCHS Class of ’15 discover Troy at an auction. The school was able to take ownership of Troy and the students have made hi welcomed. Painted him Blue and Gold to match the school’s colors and made him a cape. May 30, 2015 was Graduation Day for the Class of 2015. Congratulations to the newest Alumni of Kent County High.

Taps – Memorial Day

Project-A Year in Photographs: Taps - Memorial Day by SG Atkinson,
For the past few years I have gone to the Memorial Day morning In Memoriam service. One of the most touching part of the service is the playing of Taps.

Morgan Creek in the Morning

Project-A Year in Photographs: Morgan Creek in the Morning by SG Atkinson,
Morgan Creek in Kent County, Maryland is one of the many streams that flows into the Chester River.

Moon Rise over Church Bell

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Rising over Church by SG Atkinson,
It was the day before the full moon and I was attending a Prayer Vigil over the problems in Baltimore. When it was over I just happen to look up and catch this view and took the shot. I may still do some work on it.

Setting Moon on Easter Morning

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Setting on Easter Morning by SG Atkinson,
I had been wanting to photograph the setting full moon for a number of days. However it had been cloudy during a few of the preceding days. Not on Easter Morning. It was a clear and beautiful morning with a wonderful looking moon.

Hope Heals

Project-A Year in Photographs: Hope Heals by SG Atkinson,
On Saturday March 28, 2015 Washington College in Chestertown Maryland held their annual Relay for Life event. This shot was during the Luminaria Ceremony.

Are You Sure It’s Spring

Project-A Year in Photographs:Is It Spring? by SG Atkinson,
On March 20th, the first day of Spring, we woke up to a Spring Snow Fall. Around two inches fell and temperatures never got much above freezing. Not what you really things about during Spring.

Pre-Run Zumba

Project-A Year in Photographs:Pre-Run Zuma by SG Atkinson,
One advantage of being a Photojournalist you often can get shots of unusual moments. On Sunday March 15, Kent County High School hosted a 5K run, the Trojan Trample. With music playing through the stadium’s PA system, a small group took advantage of the music and the wait for the run to start with a little impromptu Zuma.

Queen Anne’s Fallen Heroes Memorial – In Winter

Project-A Year in Photographs:QA County Fallen Heroes Memorial in Winter by SG Atkinson,
The Title says it all.

Venus and Mars

20150220 Venus and Mars-0025
My attempt at shooting Venus and Mars with the moon on February 20, 2015