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Photograph by SG Atkinson: Owl

The first weekend in October was the Harry Potter Festival in my hometown, Chestertown. I saw many owls there, but not a live one. I’m not saying there wasn’t any there, just that I didn’t see any.

The 2nd weekend of October brought the annual FallFest in Rock Hall. In attendance was the MD Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with their wildlfe display. This owl was a member of the display.

Old Barn in the Country

It’s been awhile since I added any photos.

I just completed putting together two Calendar of Photos for 2017. This one is the March Photo for the Delmarva Scenes Calendar.


Rainbow over the Cemetery

Photo by SG Atkinson: Rainbow over the Cemetery
It’s not often that I get to catch a rainbow and even less often to catch a full one. This one I saw as I was heading from Rock Hall to Chestertown. I knew that Wesley Chapel was just ahead (I have a few relatives buried there) and hoped that it would stay long enough to get a shot.

Rock Hall’s Beauty Contest Winners

Photo by SG Atkinson: Rock Hall Beauty
One of the features of Rock Hall’s 4th of July Weekend is their annual Miss Rock Hall Beauty Contest. This year’s winners in the annual 4th of July Parade are Miss Rock Hall Rachael Nelson, Little Miss Keyasia Newman and Junior Miss Phoebe Smith.

To see more photos from the Parade and the Annual Festival goto

Flag Decommissioning Ceremony

Photo by SG Atkinson: Flag Decommissioning Ceremony
The U. S. Flag Code says, “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

In many communities this is done on or near Flag Day, June 14th and often with assistance of the Boy Scouts. This past Saturday June 12, 2016 the Frank M. Jarman American Legion Post 36 in Chestertown, MD with the assistance of Boy Scout Troup 175 from Sudlersville, MD held such a ceremony.

Chestertown Tea Party

Photo by SG Atkinson: Chestertown Tea Party
Memorial Day Weekend was a busy one for me as I spent the weekend photographing the Chestertown Tea Party Festival in Chestertown. The day was capped with the re-enactment of the Townsfolk of Chestertown throwing tea (and an effigy of King George) into the river in protest.

A slideshow of Photos from the Weekend can be seen at