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B&W: High Water after Sandy

Photograph by SG Atkinson: Sandy's High Water
I don’t often do much with Black and White photography. Guess it’s mostly due to my photojournalist view that real life photographs should be natural.

I was asked a while ago to do a 5 day posting challenge on Facebook doing B&W photos. I took a shot I did in 2013 of the flooding aftermath of Super Storm Sandy of the Chester River high water at Wilmer Park in Chestertown.

I’m not sure how successful I was of trying to make it appear more like a sepia photograph of an age gone.

Breaking Through

Photos Project - A Year in Photographs: Week 9 - Breaking Through by SG Atkinson -
Sometimes everything just click into place. Prefect timing on the shot, an amazing background, and the excitement of the final Home Game of the season.

Fire Breathers

Photo by SG Atkinson - Fire Breathers
No it wasn’t time for an old time carnival, but the scene looks as if it could have come from one. During a photo meet of photographers and models at Frightland, in delaware, there was a fire breathing demonstration.

Mum Centerpiece

Hay Chicken

2013 KC Fair-8681At the 2013 Kent County Fair.

50th Anniversary

2013 01-19 Library 50th Anniversary-8029From the Library’s 50 Anniversary birthday party January 19, 2013.

Classic Car


2013 08-03 Betterton Day-9109Thinking about Betterton Beach in the Summer during a cold winter day

Java at the Expo

2013 03-02 RH Business Expo-1098Java Rock at the 2013 Rock Hall Expo

Softball Seniors

2013 05-02 KCHS Softball-4820The 2013 KCHS Softball team Seniors after their final Home Game.