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Centreville, Maryland Court House Square

Photograph by SG Atkinson: Court House Square, Centreville Maryland
In the little of Centreville in Queen Anne’s County sits one of the oldest Court Houses still in use in the United States. A Statue of Queen Anne, the county’s namesake, adorns the center of the square.

Moon Rise over Church Bell

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Rising over Church by SG Atkinson,
It was the day before the full moon and I was attending a Prayer Vigil over the problems in Baltimore. When it was over I just happen to look up and catch this view and took the shot. I may still do some work on it.

Blown Snow

2014 01-21 Snow-7933In all of my 55 years, I don’t recall a day with morning temperatures being in the single digits with nearly a foot of nearly fallen snow on the ground.

Moon Over Kitty Knight

Red Barn with White Silos

Kitty Knight House in Georgetown, Maryland

Photo: Kitty Knight House, Georgetown, MD.  by Steven G. Atkinson
Kitty Knight House, Georgetown, MD. Photo by Steven G. Atkinson

A Slide show of photos from the “Legend of Kitty Knight” re-enactment on May 5, 2013 in Georgetown, MD can be seen at