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Old Barn in the Country

It’s been awhile since I added any photos.

I just completed putting together two Calendar of Photos for 2017. This one is the March Photo for the Delmarva Scenes Calendar.


Rainbow over the Cemetery

Photo by SG Atkinson: Rainbow over the Cemetery
It’s not often that I get to catch a rainbow and even less often to catch a full one. This one I saw as I was heading from Rock Hall to Chestertown. I knew that Wesley Chapel was just ahead (I have a few relatives buried there) and hoped that it would stay long enough to get a shot.

Centreville, Maryland Court House Square

Photograph by SG Atkinson: Court House Square, Centreville Maryland
In the little of Centreville in Queen Anne’s County sits one of the oldest Court Houses still in use in the United States. A Statue of Queen Anne, the county’s namesake, adorns the center of the square.

Snow on the Rocks

Project-A Year in Photographs:Snow on the Rocks by SG Atkinson,
I suppose I’m cheating a little bit, since this was actually taken on Monday February 16, 2015 at Ferry Beach Park in Rock Hall, Maryland. A shot looking out on the Chesapeake Bay. Similar to one of my favorite shots of 2014 which showed Ice on the same rocks.

It was around 9:30 in the morning and the temperature was still in the teens. I had driven around 14 miles from home with plans to get a few shots of the bay from Rock Hall. My truck had a bit of trouble starting. When I hopped into it to go to my next location, the battery failed to start the truck. Fortunately I have friends in the area and was able to get a jump.

Needless to say I decided to cancel the rest of my plans and headed back home.

New Year’s Sunrise

Project-A Year in Photographs:New Year's Sunrise by SG Atkinson,
The title says it all, the first Sunrise of 2015.

This Photo is also available as a Greeting Card.

Season’s First Snow

Project-A Year in Photographs: Season's First Snow by SG Atkinson,
The first snow of the season fell on December 11, 2014. It wasn’t much, just a small dusting that lasted only a few hours.

On the River Front

The Chestertown Water Front is not the ideal location for a Sunset photo. However I decided to try it on November 15th. This was the best of the evening with the ducks swimming
Photographic Project A Year in Photographs: On the River Front by SG Atkinson,

Snow Day

2014 01-03 Snow Front Door-6347This is what it looked liked on the 3rd of January. May be as much or more later today. Be Safe!

On the Rocks

2014 01-08 RH Beach On the Rock-6739At Rock Hall’s Ferry Beach Park

Seven Days and Three Hours Later

2014 01-08 RH Ferry Beach-6728Rock Hall Ferry Beach one week and 3 hours after the Annual Rock Hall VFC Big Dip.