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Moon Rise over Church Bell

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Rising over Church by SG Atkinson,
It was the day before the full moon and I was attending a Prayer Vigil over the problems in Baltimore. When it was over I just happen to look up and catch this view and took the shot. I may still do some work on it.

Setting Moon on Easter Morning

Project-A Year in Photographs: Moon Setting on Easter Morning by SG Atkinson,
I had been wanting to photograph the setting full moon for a number of days. However it had been cloudy during a few of the preceding days. Not on Easter Morning. It was a clear and beautiful morning with a wonderful looking moon.

Venus and Mars

20150220 Venus and Mars-0025
My attempt at shooting Venus and Mars with the moon on February 20, 2015

A Winter’s Full Moon

Project-A Year in Photographs:Winter's Full Moon by SG Atkinson,
When the February’s Moon was seen during the days leading up to the Full Moon and the days afterward, it was a wondrous sight. Fortunately during the early morning hours of the Full Moon I was able to get this shot.

Red Soccer Moon

Project - A Year in Photographs:Red Soccer Moon by SG Atkinson -
This past week was one that the majority of the photographs were of KCHS’s Sports. It was also the week of the Blood Moon. I missed getting the shot in the morning, but when the moon rose that evening it was blood red without being in an eclipse. Played with a few shots as it was rising over the Boy’s Soccer game with this being the best,

Moon Over the River

Photo by SGAtkinson - Moon over the River

Photo by SGAtkinson – Moon over the River

Soccer Full Moon

2013 09-19 Full Moon-2416
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Flag and Moon