My photography is an expression of the world around me. Most often the world around me is the Delmarva Peninsula.

My photographs could be of a festival or other public event, a sporting event, or the more formal photographs of a wedding or a portrait shoot.

I may be in my 50’s however, I consider myself a beginner in photography. I started in earnest just 4 years ago. I am learning everyday and with every shot I take. I am a better photographer today than I was this time last year and I’m certain I’ll be better than I am now this time next year.

Many of my photographs are taken from a photojournalist viewpoint. I started taking photographs to place on my online publications of recreational and event information on the Delmarva Peninsula. (Delmarva Town Crier, Local in Kent and ShoreToBeFun.com)

I am still building my portfolio and exploring doing more freelance work.
Models and Portraits

In 2015, I am also hoping to do more artistic shots. This includes working with models and others. Also I am looking to work on two projects:
Blemishes of Life and
Tasteful Naturally

Thank You
Steve (SG) Atkinson
July 2016

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