Blemishes of Life

Over the course of life the human body will be blemished. It is a fact of life. For many of us these blemishes are what makes us what we are.

It could be as simple as a scar on your knee from when you fell off your bicycle when you were learning to ride at the age of 4. Or it may be the scar of a life saving surgery. Some blemishes are more important to us than other. Stretch lines of the dieter or mother. The limb that was lost in the auto accident or the dedicated soldier.

The idea behind this project is to show and honor these blemishes not as a defect, but as part of life. I’m not sure where it will go. Initial thought would be to do a calendar or something similar.

Of course since this is to be a project of photographs, I need to find some people with ‘Blemishes of Life’ who would be willing to have me photograph them. So if you happen to be interested please contact me.

This is a brief introduction with more information about this photographic project coming soon.

A birthmark is an example of what I term "Blemishes of Life"

A birthmark is an example of what I term “Blemishes of Life”


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    Samie Dozor October 25, 2013

    Very interesting concept…I have scars and most noticeably…my right eye. My pupil has scar tissue and is stuck to my lens. David Bowie has the same thing. In bright light, my eyes look very unique…freaks people out. I am an artist and starting a new career in becoming a tattoo artist.
    Warmest regards,

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      SG Atkinson October 25, 2013

      Thanks Samie for the encouragement that the idea while possibly unique is also interesting.

      Perhaps one day we can work together.


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